A NSW Quitline referral can reduce risk for your patients who smoke, especially those with diabetes

Smoking is a significant risk factor for developing diabetes. Research has shown that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is 30-40% higher for active smokers than non-smokers, with second-hand smoke also associated with higher risk.

In addition, many clinical and experimental studies found significant associations between cigarette smoking and impaired glycaemic control and diabetic complications (microvascular and macrovascular).1 Smokers with type 1 diabetes in particular may have a higher risk of developing kidney disease, and possibly eye and nerve damage, whereas smokers with type 2 diabetes are more likely to increase their risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease.

As health professionals, we can continue to encourage our patients who smoke, to quit by simply referring them to the NSW Quitline.

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The NSW Quitline is a free, evidence-based service that can help you further support patients and can double their chances of quitting smoking successfully. The Cancer Institute NSW has also launched a new online referral to make referring quicker and easier and, where consent is provided, feedback from NSW Quitline can keep referrers more closely connected to the progress of their patients.(Paper referrals pads still available)

A NSW Quitline referral is a small step that can make a big difference to the health and lives of your patients, and help reduce preventable tobacco-related disease in our community.

For information on assessment, management and local referral options, access Sydney North HealthPathways  Smoking Cessation Advice and Medications for Smoking Cessation, or contact healthpathways@snhn.org.au for access details.