A NSW first – new electronic patient letters to GP from NSLHD

One step closer to ditching the fax

The Northern Sydney Local Health District (NSLHD), with the support of Sydney North Health Network and eHealth NSW, are now the first LHD in NSW to send patient letters from public hospitals to general practices electronically. Patient letters are sent securely and directly to your desktop clinical software using the HealtheNet secure messaging portal.

What does that mean?
The digital “Letter to GP” can be sent for all public hospital and community visit types in NSLHD and CCLHD (inpatient or outpatient) meaning any area of the hospital can complete this letter about your patient and send it to you securely and quickly.

How do I receive them?
If you currently receive electronic discharge summaries from NSLHD, you will already be set up and able to receive the new “Letter to GP” through your practice software using Argus, HealthLink or Medical Objects, so please keep an eye out for these additional letters.

Less faxes!
In addition to the new letter, some current letters you receive via fax and mail will now come electronically, such as letters about refracture notifications or the standard “consult letter to GP”.

For more information (including more details plus troubleshooting information) please see the factsheet or contact Sydney North Health Network – info@snhn.org.au.