ONGOING: LGBTQ Training Programs for GPs

ACON Pride Training offters information and educational services to assist health, wellbeing, and community organisations in increasing their knowledge of LGBTQ people and communities, and provide guidance on inclusive practice. ACON have been working with LGBTQ communities for over 30 years, for the past 10 years, delivering training and inclusion programs.

FREE CPD ACTIVITYLGBTQ Suicide Prevention for GPs eLearning

ACON has various other courses accredited with the RACGP

Other training Programs:

ACON trainers:

  • Have direct expertise in the health needs and experiences of LGBTQ people
  • Recognition as subject matter experts
  • Are experienced community members and allies.
  • Provide evidence based training that and incorporates lived experience and peer-driven stories.
  • Offer a range of flexible programs aimed at meeting learning and inclusion needs.

ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs offer a range of services to assist employers, sporting organisations and service providers with all aspects of LGBTQ inclusion.