3rd Practice Leadership Advantage Workshop

On Saturday 14th October,  22 health care professionals from 9 General Practices across the Sydney North Health Network region met for the 3rd Practice Leadership Advantage Workshop. Dr Chris Bollen (General Practitioner) and Mr Rod Buchecker (Business Coach) from BMP Consulting delivered yet another engaging and highly inspirational full day workshop. This course has enabled practice staff to understand their leadership styles and develop skills in how to motivate people for change.

The Leadership Course has fully supported the practices both in workshops and personalised mentoring sessions as they continue to progress in the “Person Centred Medical Home” Program which focuses on the “10 Building Blocks of High Performing Care” and the “Quadruple Aim”:

  • Enhance the patient experience of care.
  • Improve systems and efficiencies.
  • Optimise population health and wellbeing.
  • Improve the work life of health care clinicians.

Participants of the course shared various improvements they have made over the last 9 months and how they achieved these. Such as:

  • A more positive practice culture and collaborative team approach
  • An understanding that different working styles can be complimentary
  • Sharing Data with the whole team is a motivator
  • Giving staff more responsibility and working to the top of their licence leads to greater work satisfaction and improves efficiencies
  • Implementing small changes is effective and manageable
  • Identifying barriers and problem-solving leads to improvements in health care delivery
  • Team meetings and huddles give greater insight into the practice workflow, the patients’ needs and improve the clinician’s experience
  • Increased confidence in roles and the importance of the Practice Manager in driving initiatives
  • Measuring outcomes and data driven improvement leads to better patient care via a more structured approach

The participating practices have committed to continuing the improvement journey with the “10 Building Blocks of High Performing Care” as their framework. For more information on how to get involved please review the program and contact Sue Barry – Person Centred Medical Home Program Lead – sbarry@snhn.org.au