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My Health Record

The new My Health Record is a digital health record containing patient demographics, a summary of a patient’s medical history and medication data, together with information on allergies, adverse reactions and immunisation history. Other information including Hospital discharge summaries, electronic referrals and MBS and PBS data can also be housed in the My Health Record.

It is hoped that providing Australians with a My Health Record, with an opt-out option, will lead to greater consumer and provider engagement and improve clinical utility of the system.

The My Health Record will be overseen by a new governing body, the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), who will report annually on system uptake by healthcare providers and recipients, system maintenance including privacy and security breaches and overall operability of the new My Health Record.

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Program Objectives

What are the benefits for the practice if they use the My Health Record with patients

  • More integrated healthcare delivery through enhanced capacity to share electronic health records with other healthcare providers including allied health professionals, specialists, hospital clinicians, community health services, pharmacists and aged care facilities.
  • Greater efficiency and significant reduction in duplicated or unnecessary testing as results for pathology and radiology will be available digitally and in real-time.
  • Accredited practices can receive financial incentives by voluntarily participating in the My Health Record system (through digital health PIP funding) and all practices can reduce costs of overheads associated with activities such as scanning, faxing, copying and mailing hard copy patient data.

What support is provided to each participating practice

Sydney North Primary Health Network will continue to provide ongoing support for GPs and other healthcare providers opting to participate in the digital health system. This includes:

  • Assisting practices to register for eHealth.
  • Supporting accredited GP practices to meet the requirements for the Digital Health Practice Incentive Payment.
  • Training healthcare providers to register patients for their own opt-in My Health Record.
  • Demonstrating to staff how to upload shared health summaries for these patients.
  • Increasing awareness around the utilisation of secure messaging technology for electronic referrals.
  • Facilitating practice engagement with clinical data collection and analysis.

The Australian Health and Hospitals Association (AHHA) has also been commissioned to develop a My Health Record education and training package and recently conducted a survey targeting GPs, allied health, pharmacy and aged care providers to canvass what content the training package should comprise. Sydney North Primary Health Network looks forward to being an integral part in the delivery of this training.


Background to the program (formally PCEHR)

My Health Record replaces the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) which was introduced in July 2012. Following a review in 2013, recommendations to increase uptake were made that included a name change, trials of opt-out models of engagement and greater workforce training and education for healthcare providers.

In September 2015 legislation was passed enabling the transformation of the previous Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) to the newly redeveloped My Health Record.

The future for My Health Record

  • In early 2016 My Health Record opt-out trials will be conducted in the western Sydney and north Queensland regions encompassing over a million healthcare recipients and a broad range of healthcare providers. These trials will be run in tandem with public awareness and workforce training campaigns.
  • Over the next three years the My Health Record will grow to encompass more healthcare data such as radiology and pathology results, advance care directives and bowel and cervical cancer screening results.
  • The development of smartphone apps will be undertaken to enhance the capacity of healthcare recipients to share their personal My Health Record data with non-specific healthcare providers (eg. personal trainers) or to have clinicians utilise these apps to remotely monitor their patient’s health progress.



Practice nurses speaking about the benefits of My Health Record
(APNA Conference, May 2016)

Sharon Hills from St Kilda Medical Centre, Victoria, speaks about the benefits of the My Health Record system.

Genie McMullen, Cobar Primary Healthcare Centre, NSW, speaks about the benefits of the My Health Record system.

Del Lovett, Montgomery Street Medical Centre, Victoria, speaks about the benefits of the My Health Record system.

Michelle Lambert, Walk-In Centre, ACT, speaks about the benefits of the My Health Record system.

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