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Hepatitis A Update

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Hepatitis A Update

Important information for NSW General Practitioners

  1. A brand of frozen mixed berries has been recalled due to a link with a national outbreak of hepatitis A
  2. Patients who have consumed the berries and are WELL do not require testing or vaccination
  3. Patients who have consumed frozen berries and HAVE SYMPTOMS of hepatitis should be tested with hepatitis A serology
  4. Suspected cases of hepatitis A should be notified to the local public health unit so that timely prophylaxis of contacts can be provided


Public health investigation of a national outbreak of locally-acquired hepatitis A during May 2017 is linked to eating frozen berries during the incubation period.

A batch of “Creative Gourmet” Frozen Berries (300g, best before 15 Jan 2021) is now subject to a national recall. See the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website for product details.

There have been no cases in NSW linked to consumption of frozen berries, but the product was distributed throughout the state. A national public health investigation is ongoing.

CLICK HERE for the full NSW Health Hepatitis A Update.

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